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Academic Health Solutions

What distinguishes Academic Health Solutions from generic consultancy services is our use of a range of innovative analytical tools and access to world-class academic and professional expertise drawn from an extensive panel of experts and leading authorities to provide authoritative, bespoke advice. We are not bound by convention but draw on thought leaders to offer our clients a competitive edge. Fostering new ideas, an analysis-led culture and international network of elite academic capability are key to our success.

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We are driven by a strong social purpose - to harness academic and professional excellence around the world to benefit the health and wealth of populations. A goal we achieve through the development and optimisation of academic health science systems worldwide complemented by four other distinct yet interconnected specialist services to support the four-part mission of Research, Enterprise and Innovation, Education and Clinical Service.

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Drawing on unparalleled clinical academic expertise and experts in related disciplines from HR to digitalisation, we can assist clients co-develop transformative systems that reflect the local context and their aspirations. From governance arrangements through to tractable research and enterprise strategies and staffing needs, we can help you realise your goals.


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