Achieving competitive advantage and real research impact

What we do


Research competitiveness is rising across the globe. There is increasing focus on the health and economic impact of research, and National and institutional reputations depend on research being of the highest quality and integrity. We possess world leading expertise to help devise winning research strategies, the platforms and processes that underpin high quality translational research, and ensure that research related risks are mitigated. We are committed to the whole translational process and its acceleration, and recognise the critical importance of talented staff.

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What we offer

How we can support you

Academic Health Solutions helps clients achieve their research potential by drawing on world class expertise to undertake:

Service one

Institutional or departmental academic review.

Service two

Research strategy development.

Service three

Design and development of research support services and platform technologies.

Service four

Recruitment and development of research staff.

Service five

Fostering of interdisciplinarity and inter-institutional collaboration.

Service six

Ensuring research is of the highest quality and integrity through design of robust research governance and responding to cases of alleged research misconduct with tact and due regard to confidentiality.

Service seven

Assessment of 'translational maturity' - to ensure processes, systems and behaviours are optimised to achieve maximum health and economic impact from research.

Service eight

Development and deployment of patient and public involvement strategies.

Our affiliated providers

Aligning ourselves with great businesses

No advisory service can offer in-house expertise for every problem and Academic Health Solutions is no exception. But through established links with affiliated providers who share the same purpose, ethos and quality standards we are able to extend our capabilities into complementary areas. For example, our affiliated providers can advise on hospital buildings, staff and leadership recruitment and data science strategies, enabling clients to access solutions to complex challenges as efficiently as possible.