Meeting global education and training needs for world-class healthcare professionals

What we do


Healthcare practitioner capacity is a global challenge and one, which Academic Health Solutions has been designed to address. Working in partnership with linked top quality education providers and Medical Royal Colleges, we offer a wide range of services from specific training programmes to meet local need in a context-specific manner through to the design and implementation of whole new medical schools and their curricula.

In all of this our aim is clear - to ensure the health of the population benefits from optimally educated healthcare trainees and established practitioners who have the competence and confidence to provide excellent patient-centred care.

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What we offer

How we can support you

Academic Health Solutions offer a range of tailored services drawing on our wealth of experience including:

Service one

The development of the whole curriculum for undergraduate programmes and higher specialist training.

Service two

Bespoke training packages to equip local teachers to provide specific, world class programmes to address skills shortages.

Service three

The development of whole new medical and dental schools and contribution to the planning of physical facilities, learning technologies and staff requirements.

Service four

Recruitment and staff development services to meet staffing need.

Our affiliated providers

Aligning ourselves with great businesses

No advisory service can offer in-house expertise for every problem and Academic Health Solutions is no exception. But through established links with affiliated providers who share the same purpose, ethos and quality standards we are able to extend our capabilities into complementary areas. For example, our affiliated providers can advise on hospital buildings, staff and leadership recruitment and data science strategies, enabling clients to access solutions to complex challenges as efficiently as possible.