Dedicated to the development of successful academic health alliances

What we do

Academic Health Science Systems

The value of Academic Medical Centres as drivers of population health and wealth has long been recognised but their successful development is not easy. Drawing on unparalleled clinical academic expertise and experts in related disciplines from HR to digitalisation, we can assist clients co-develop transformative systems that reflect the local context and their aspirations. From governance arrangements through to tractable research and enterprise strategies and staffing needs, we can help you realise your goals.

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What we offer

How we can support you

Drawing on experienced academic health science system leaders, Academic Health Solutions can:

Service one

Help you define a strategy that fulfils the partnerships ambition, drawing on highly experienced system leaders.

Service two

Influence local policy makers and inform partners about the power of effective alliances.

Service three

Analyse where attention needs to be directed to fulfil the quadruple mission of research, enterprise and innovation, education and clinical service using Alliance Diagnostics.

Service four

Optimising partnership alignment and brokering supportive governance arrangements.

Service five

Identify potential academic and industrial partners to accelerate achievement of the partnership's objectives.

Service six

Establish international advisory board arrangements.

Service seven

Develop a learning health system.

Service eight

Devise data science strategies to subserve your alliance.

Service nine

Identify and recruit (future) leaders with ongoing support and coaching as required.

Our affiliated providers

Aligning ourselves with great businesses

No advisory service can offer in-house expertise for every problem and Academic Health Solutions is no exception. But through established links with affiliated providers who share the same purpose, ethos and quality standards we are able to extend our capabilities into complementary areas. For example, our affiliated providers can advise on hospital buildings, staff and leadership recruitment and data science strategies, enabling clients to access solutions to complex challenges as efficiently as possible.