'Working smarter': innovative innovation and enterprise

What we do

Enterprise and Innovation

The medical and life science sector is an increasingly important part of the knowledge economy yet the medical innovation process takes too long and is too costly resulting in delays in addressing unmet clinical need despite unprecedented scientific advance: The innovation process itself demands innovation. Those that learn how to 'work smarter' will reap the rewards and benefit their patients.

Academic Health Solutions draws on thought leadership and expertise prepared to challenge convention and help optimise the medical innovation pathway for clients, maximising the adoption and diffusion of new products and services. We take an holistic view of the pipeline using a 'Translational Readiness' tool to reveal areas for improvement, and tackle specific issues or complete system redesign.

For prospective investors we provide synthesised judgements on the scientific validity, clinical utility and the likelihood of adoption of prospective innovations to help them make the right investment decisions. For research establishments and academic health partnerships we help with the co-development of enterprise strategies, focusing on both 'push' factors - e.g. the focus of research effort, the tractability of the science, trial recruitment optimisation etc, as well as those that 'pull' innovation into the system - e.g. needs assessment, enhancing adherence, addressing value.

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What we offer

How we can support you

Drawing on profound sector experience and thought leaders we can assist you in the following ways:

Service one

The development and delivery of enterprise strategy.

Service two

Assess and resolve the bottlenecks in the translational process.

Service three

Develop new models of medical innovation that lead to competitive advantage.

Service four

A focus on those factors that help 'pull' innovation into the system as well as the scientific 'push'.

Service five

Synthesised judgements on the scientific validity, clinical utility and the likelihood of adoption of prospective innovations to help investors make the right decisions.

Our affiliated providers

Aligning ourselves with great businesses

No advisory service can offer in-house expertise for every problem and Academic Health Solutions is no exception. But through established links with affiliated providers who share the same purpose, ethos and quality standards we are able to extend our capabilities into complementary areas. For example, our affiliated providers can advise on hospital buildings, staff and leadership recruitment and data science strategies, enabling clients to access solutions to complex challenges as efficiently as possible.