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About us

Academic Health Solutions

Academic Health Solutions is a UK-based advisory enterprise with global reach. We co-develop bespoke solutions to reflect our clients' aspirations and address current challenges, drawing on the brightest minds. These include an extensive panel of clinical, academic and industry experts, system leaders with unparalleled experience in the transformational change of complex organisations, and a distinguished Council of Reference. Informed by a range of analytical tools, solutions are developed in conjunction with our clients to create world-class provision.

Four features characterise our approach and distinguish us from generic consultancy services:

1. In-depth Analysis and understanding of the local context

2. International quality, targeted, truly Expert advice

3. Bespoke solutions that are...

4. Co-developed with the client.

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Our purpose

We were founded in 2014 in the belief that population health and wealth can benefit from harnessing the transformative potential of genuine expertise and a passion for supporting leaders secure their goals. The unsustainability of many health systems and the medical innovation pathway means such potential should be exploited now.

Our ethos

Achieving medical advance and associated economic gains requires the brightest minds with profound practical experience, selected for the issue in question. Although the challenges facing health and the process of medical innovation are global, we believe the solutions are often context-specific, requiring an open mind coupled with profound awareness of the local constraints and opportunities, and are best co-developed with the client.

What we do

Delivering bespoke solutions

We provide bespoke advice with the following features:

  • The highest-level insights from leading authorities with first-hand experience in the relevant field
  • Partner organisations that share our ethos, enabling the provision of a comprehensive service to address a wide range of client needs
  • A deep appreciation that solutions are often context-specific, necessitating an intimate understanding of the local environment, culture and aspirations 
  • Strategies which are co-developed with clients, informed by relevant metrics, and empowering local leadership
  • Providing a bespoke level of support – from high level strategic direction to specific solutions, including senior level support for transformational change 


Our unique offering

Our international panel of experts

We have access to expertise and thought leaders from around the world - embracing a range of disciplines from academia, clinical practice, professional services and industry - to be harnessed to understand your specific needs and co-create solutions tailored to address them. 

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The analytical tools we use

Alliance diagnostics

Given the importance of organisational culture and alignment we have developed a web based tool, Alliance Diagnostics. The tool measures a prospective or established academic health alliance against features of an optimised alliance that is best prepared to improve the health (and wealth) of the population served. The resultant analysis provides a 'heat map' of areas of strength and relative weakness and helps guide where initial attention should be directed. By comparing responses from the clinical and academic partner, areas of incongruity can be identified. Repeat analysis can help chart progress towards an optimised alliance. Early use confirms that this new tool, in conjunction with assessments of academic standing, enterprise performance and clinical quality, can provide valuable insights that inform a partnership's development.


What people have said about us

"I have worked with Academic Health Solutions on two occasions and in both instances they provided evidence-based and experience-informed solutions to local problems. Their ability to bring a world view to a local context is outstanding."

Geoff McColl, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland

"Academic Health Solutions undertook a comprehensive analysis of a proposal to develop a Global Business School for Health including the development of a full business plan. We were delighted with the final report which allowed us to plan for the future."

Professor David Lomas, Vice-Provost (Health), University College London and Academic Director, UCLPartners

"Academic Health Solutions have an exceptional style that utilises their extensive experience to bring people together and focus on positive future strategies. There are few organisations that could match their knowledge in this space."

Dr Shane Huntington, Deputy Director, Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), University of Melbourne

"Following a strategic review for The University of Hong Kong Health System (HKUHS), Academic Health Solutions helped us co-develop solutions to enhance clinical academic careers and nurture talent within our System, particularly around recruitment, retention and staff development, drawing on international best practice and world class expertise."

Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong

"Academic Health Solutions provided an expert review and feedback on our application to become accredited as a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health. Their advice was valuable in informing our submission, which was ultimately successful."

New South Wales Regional Health Partners – Centre for Innovation in Regional Health

"In 2017, I was fortunate to work with Academic Health Solutions on an assignment as part of the International Advisory Panel in an area of vital importance for the future of medical education for a leading Asian academic health science system. The assignment was challenging and stretching both because of the nature of the task and the requirement to tailor solutions acceptable in a unique cultural and public policy environment. It was an absolute joy to work with and be supported by great colleagues."

Liz Baré, HR expert

“Academic Health Solutions experts conducted an excellent review of our strategy, bringing valuable insight, reflection and challenge that helped us to focus our thought processes and set future priorities. We were especially impressed by their ability to work across a complex set of state of stakeholders, with different interests and priorities, to distil out our strengths and opportunities.”

Michael Messenger, Head of Personalised Medicine and Health, Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health