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What we do

Clinical Service

The nature of clinical service is rapidly evolving with increasing focus on outcomes, and providers and payers striving to achieve high quality care in an economically sustainable manner. Academic Health Solutions can assist in health system redesign with a focus on risk stratified pathways of care for chronic diseases and preventive health strategies.

The health challenges to be met will continue to evolve and we can help clients integrate an evaluative culture as part of a 'learning health system', able to adapt to future demands.

We regard digital maturity as the key enabler to support both high value healthcare and the necessary culture change and can support clients develop and deliver their data science strategy.

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What we offer

How we can support you

Academic Health Solutions can assist in health system redesign by drawing on world class expertise in the following areas:

Service one

Re-envision service delivery and integration.

Service two

Develop new models of care that support patient-centred integrated provision and their translation into specific pathways appropriate for the local context. 

Service three

Contemporary approaches to risk stratification taking advantage of advances in science and technology. 

Service four

Design and implement preventive health strategies.

Service five

Develop an evaluative culture as part of a 'learning health system' able to adapt to future demands.

Service six

Achieve 'digital maturity' and delivery of a data science strategy to underpin adaptable high value healthcare.

Our affiliated providers

Aligning ourselves with great businesses

No advisory service can offer in-house expertise for every problem and Academic Health Solutions is no exception. But through established links with affiliated providers who share the same purpose, ethos and quality standards we are able to extend our capabilities into complementary areas. For example, our affiliated providers can advise on hospital buildings, staff and leadership recruitment and data science strategies, enabling clients to access solutions to complex challenges as efficiently as possible.